The Semiconductor industry is expanding due to the surge in chip demand, and is expected to grow further in the coming years. However, chips manufacturing creates a huge carbon footprint, and will significantly impact the environment.

We will require semiconductors to power technologies that support global climate goals, such as electric vehicles and solar panels. Chip manufacturing, on the other hand, requires a significant amount of energy and water as well as the release of carbon and hazardous by-products, all of which will contribute to climate change. This creates a contradiction between what the industry can achieve and what it should achieve, for business and the environment. Two contradicting ambitions.

Although some companies have taken measures to walk the fine line between expanding their business and ensuring they reduce their carbon footprint, there are still more that can be done. This year's Summit will tackle this important contradiction and explore how the industry could balance these two ambitions.

This year's Summit will address the critical topic of advancing technology in a responsible and sustainable way. Industry experts and thought leaders will come together to present and discuss strategies and new technologies that can help our industry meet the climate goals while still supporting the growth of the semiconductor industry. We will look at how we can balance these two ambitions as we march towards our dream of a greener, larger industry footprint in future.

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